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Halle Berry Just Shared The Workout She Does When She Only Has 20 Minutes

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  • Two of Halle Berry’s four weekly workouts are just 20 minutes long.
  • She maximizes her time by circuit training and combining full-body strength exercises with cardio.
  • She uses exercise equipment like ankle weights and wrist weights to increase the intensity of bodyweight moves.

Before quarantine turned my day to day upside down, I worked out with my trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, at least four times per week.

How long we got our sweat on, though, varied based on my schedule. Some days, we trained together for close to 90 minutes. (Full disclosure: We chit chat a lot during breaks and between moves). But half the time our sweat sessions were just 20 minutes long.

Sure, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but every minute I can put into being healthy is 100 percent worth it to me—no matter how packed my calendar becomes.

If anything, I’ve learned that a 20-minute workout can totally knock you on your butt. In fact, they’re often even harder than longer ones. I know that when Peter creates quick programs for me, I’m going to have to get in the zone and push—these short sessions are truly fast and dirty.

Usually, I’ll do circuits of five or six exercises and churn through one after another, going as hard as I can for a set amount of time so I don’t have to count reps. Sometimes we use all bodyweight moves; other times I’m upping the intensity with equipment like my ankle weights.

The following quick-but-deadly workout Peter created for us whoops me every time.

The 20-Minute All-Out Circuit Workout

Perform the five exercises in this circuit back-to-back for one minute each. Repeat and complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes, resting only as needed.

To increase the challenge, wear rē•spin ankle weights and rē•spin wrist weights.

1. Jumping Rope

How to: Grab a jump rope and hop or skip at as fast a pace as you can maintain.

2. Squats + Standing Oblique Crunches

How to: Start standing with feet hips-distance apart and hands interlaced behind head. Bend knees to sink hips back and down as if sitting into a chair. When thighs are parallel to floor, push through feet to return to standing. Once legs are fully extended, drive left knee up towards chest and twist torso to crunch right elbow towards knee. Then, return to standing. Repeat squat, then crunch opposite elbow and knee together.

3. Reverse Lunges + Punches

How to: Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart and hands in ready position in front of face. Take a big step back with right foot and bend legs to lower down until both knees form 90-degree angles, while simultaneously punching right hand straight forward. Then, step right foot back in and return hand to ready position, and repeat on other side.

4. Plié Squats + Calf Raises

How to: Stand with feet wider than hips and toes pointed out slightly. Bend knees to sink hips back and down into a squat, as if sitting into a chair. When thighs are parallel to floor, push through feet to return to standing. Once legs are fully extended, press through balls of feet to lift heels. Lower heels to the floor to return to start.

5. 4 Mountain-Climbers + 2 Sit-Outs

How to: Start in a high plank with shoulders over wrists, pelvis tucked, and ribs drawn toward hips. Quickly drive right knee towards chest, then reverse the movement while simultaneously driving left knee towards chest. Repeat at a quick pace to complete four knee drives. Then, extend right leg beneath torso and to left of body while releasing left hand from floor and twisting so torso turns up to face ceiling. Return to plank position, then repeat on other side.

By the time I’ve finished, I’m dripping, I’m breathing crazy heavy, and I feel like I’ve not only worked all of my different muscles, but like I’ve also just done some serious cardio.

I really love these hardcore, speedy workouts because I always come out of them feeling excited (and a little exhausted). They also remind me that I always have time to do something for myselfand so do you. Even if it’s two 10-minute sweats throughout your day; if you use the time wisely, you can still have a helluva workout.

Halle Berry is a producer, director, and actress. Now known as one of the fittest women in Hollywood, Berry recently launched rē•spin, a community for stories, conversations, and products for health and wellness seekers. In her weekly WH column and #FitnessFriday Instagram posts, she shares a personal look into her own health and fitness—along with the tips, tricks, and advice behind her famously fit physique.

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