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Nigeria doctors embark on indefinite strike

By on June 15, 2020 0 371 Views

Members of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) in Nigeria have embarked on an indefinite strike.

President of the Association, Dr Aliyu Sokomba made the announcement on Monday while addressing a press conference in the capital, Abuja.

But those treating patients with COVID-19 would continue to work, President of the National Association of Resident Doctors, said in a tweet.

Sokomba warned that even exempt doctors would join the strike if their demands were not met within two weeks.

The doctors union has denounced failings by the state over inadequate provision of protective equipment.

They are demanding a risk allowance for those working on the frontline to battle the coronavirus. The public hospital doctors are also unhappy about dismissals and reduction of their wages.

Africa’s most populous nation, with 200 million inhabitants, has recorded 16,085 cases and 420 deaths as of Monday June 15.

More than 800 health workers have been infected.


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