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Kunle Afolayan has a New Production Company & Film Academy! Let Him Take You on a Tour

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Kunle Afolayan is working on a couple of projects that will certainly be very beneficial to creatives and content creators.

The director is starting a film and TV academy and a bunch of other ventures!

Let him introduce himself, and what he’s up to.

Guess you already know me, but if you don’t then let me introduce myself. I’m Kunle Afolayan, a film director, producer and actor… let you in on some of my newest projects which I’m certain will be very beneficial to you.

This is an idea that I conceptualized years ago. After the establishment of my film company, Golden Effects Pictures in 2005, I decided to branch into other fields so I can really impact lives.

Initially, Golden Effects Pictures was involved in the production of films, documentaries, television commercials, music videos, film equipment rentals and film consultations; but with my decision to go into other demanding areas in the film industry, I decided to expand Golden Effects Pictures into subsidiary brands offering specialized services under the name KAP Hub. This was the first phase of my project.

KAP Hub will consist of, Kap Motion Pictures, a film and television academy, a cinema, Golden Effects Services Ltd, a restaurant and bar, live band, art and craft shops and a creative minds hangout.

Get ready for the tour!

The film academy called KAP Film & Television Academy, specially designed to provide hands-on experience from veteran and great film professionals with in-depth industry experience, exposure to diverse film making tools while being on the set of different movies, and for more people who are passionate about art, creativity, television, film and the new media.

KAP Film & Television Academy

KAP Film & Television Academy

KAP 120-seater cinema which is still in the works will provide a 360-viewing experience.

KAP cinema

Sound Stage Studio with a holding capacity of 200 will be among the services rendered by Golden Effects Pictures. You can have control over your video, audio and photoshoot or even create the perfect ambience for your reality television show.

Sound Stage Studio

Sound Stage Studio

Don’t be surprised when the film director launches his television network, which is still in the works. With KAP Television, different creatives can share their content with the world at ease.

KAP Television

What’s a film academy without a restaurant and bar where different creatives within the creative space can come together to unwind, eat exquisite dishes, drink and interact with one another. The best part of this experience is that there’s an opportunity of touring a film production house and get to meet different creatives from around the world while being entertained by a live band, yes, a live band.

Check out more photos.

Sound Studio

Office Space

The Reception

The Walkway

The Reception

The Lounge

The Conference Room

The Conference Room


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