April 13, 2021
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Hushpuppi Hires Michael Jackson’s Former Attorney, Mark Geregos As Lawyer

By on July 7, 2020 0 45 Views

Nigeria Instagram Billionaire, Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi who was recently arrested for email , has reportedly hired Micheal Jackson’s former lawyer, Mark Geragos, to represent him in court.

According to Music producer and singer, Samuel Oguochuba, aka Samklef, the Instagram Celebrity had hired MJ’s former attorney which he confirmed via his official Instagram handle.

“Mark George is Hushpuppi lawyer. Former Micheal Jackson lawyer This movie go sweet pass Netflix… he might not even spend all his time, he will work with the government. And regain his freedom. Will be giving u guys update.#samklefblogginaire,” he wrote.

Mark Geragos is a successful lawyer who had been involved in high-profile cases of this nature.

The lawyer had represented several celebrities over crime and fraud related offences.

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