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Wagons, ho! Jeep teases upcoming three-row Grand Wagoneer

By on August 16, 2020 0 155 Views

Well, from these pics, we can at least tell you the big brute has an interior and a badge

Jeep released a brace of teaser photos today, giving us a small preview of what is widely assumed to be its upcoming three-row SUV, the Grand Wagoneer. We say ‘assumed’ since the images only show part of a badge and an intentionally out-of-focus interior.

First, the badge. The letters E-E-R, appended by an American flag, are gold-trimmed in colour and very likely are the final three characters of the “Wagoneer” name.

This presupposes Jeep hasn’t taken a liking to the names “Auctioneer” or “Mutineer” for its new full-size SUV. However, now we’ve said it out loud, the latter would be a great trim for some offshoot of the Ram Heavy Duty.

The other image is typical OEM teaser fare, presenting a lot while actually revealing little. What can be seen is a snazzy stop/start button residing at the end of a small pod, topped with some sort of stitching. It’s worth noting the current cadre of Jeeps, even the most expensive Grand Cherokee models, have their fires lit with a button that’s flush to the dash.

In the background, one can make out wood trim and an infotainment screen that could very well be the 12-inch unit found in some Ram pickup trucks. And are those the Ram’s dashboard toggle switches at the infotainment’s base?

Speaking of the Ram 1500, it is widely rumoured the new Grand Wagoneer will be built on the bones of that vehicle. If so, it’ll make Jeep’s big player one of the few body-on-frame SUVs on sale today. Gossips also says we may see a two-row Wagoneer in addition to the expected three-row Grand Wagoneer.

If that’s accurate, and we have no reason to believe it isn’t, expect similar drivetrain choices as the Ram 1500 (not the Ram 1500 Classic, it should be noted). This means a V6, V8, and perhaps a diesel will appear on the Grand Wagoneer’s option sheet. Four-wheel-drive is a given.

Since this is Jeep we’re talking about, there’s every chance the Grand Wagoneer will eventually be offered with some variant of the Hellcat engine. Three rows, 700-plus horsepower, and aggressive Jeep styling? Sign us up.

Matthew Guy

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