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Next Mercedes-AMG flagship could have more than 800 horsepower

By on August 23, 2020 0 41 Views

Chalk another one up to the benefits of electrification

While the crew in Stuttgart might be culling its coupe lineup, the AMG skunkworks seems more than content to stuff an ever-increasing amount of horsepower up the nose of its S-Class flagship.

The latest reports from boots on the ground in Germany peg total output somewhere north of 800 horsepower, a dizzying number apparently achieved by appending the letter ‘e’ onto the S63 model designation.

That consonant in other Mercs denote a plug-in hybrid powertrain and spells the presence of an electric motor and battery pack whose specs have yet to be revealed.

Or have they? The brand’s GT Concept of 2017, a machine that foreshadowed the drop-dead gorgeous production four-door version of the AMG GT sports car, had a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 under the hood paired with an electric motor. Total system output? Why, no less than 805 horsepower, of course.

At the time, Mercedes-AMG said the powertrain took inspiration from the brand’s F1 efforts, with the battery being charged while driven and during braking. This is to say nothing of the gasoline V8 engine itself, which will surely run on a mixture of ground up Priuses and the tears of David Suzuki.

As for the rest of the car, rumour has it the flagship sedan will have a version of the fully-active E-Active Body Control suspension, similar to the setup that debuted on the 2020 GLE but with a comfort-oriented bent.

Test drive with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the Test and Technology Center in Immendingen Mercedes-Benz

The system, you’ll recall, uses air springs to level out the ride and deploys a 48-volt architecture that’s only slightly less complicated than the space shuttle to change damping force and ride height. The company has already shown off parts of the next S-Class interior, a space that will be awash in touchscreens and sumptuous surfaces.

In the past, those seeking out the biggest and baddest S-Class found themselves in charge of a V12 engine that produced explosive power with just a flex of the driver’s right toe. While we’ll be sad to see the twelve-cylinder vanish, 800 electrically assisted horsepower sounds like a suitable replacement to us.

Matthew Guy

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