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Nissan’s upcoming Z ‘Proto’ will be unveiled this month

By on September 6, 2020 0 189 Views

The automaker teased the the next-gen concept at the beginning of September

Nissan’s sports car is in dire need of an update, and it was only recently we learned what the brand had planned for its replacement. In fact, we were quite excited to find out the next-generation sports car would feature throwback styling and a sonorous six-cylinder engine.

Then, September 1, we got a reveal date for the car for the middle of the month.

Well, a reveal for the “Z Proto,” we should clarify — we’re expecting this to be a concept that will preview the styling for the upcoming car.

September 16 is the day we’ll get to see this all-new sports car, from a brand that’s had a pretty rough go lately. Hopefully a vehicle like this will invigorate the brand and bring buyers back into the showrooms, and out of the showrooms of Subaru and Toyota.

More than just an unveil date, Nissan’s September 1 teaser included a video with tonnes of awesome footage from the glory days of the Z car, back when it was called “Datsun” and winning races all around the world.

Also included with the video was this statement: “Nissan is reawakening the Power of Z with the new Nissan Z Proto. We’ve combined 50 years of passion and heritage with modern technology to design the new generation of the legendary Z sports car.”

Nissan announced in May the Z would be part of it’s “Next” plan, making it one of 12 new models to be revealed in the next 18 months. However, the actual production of those models is scheduled to run until the end of Nissan’s 2023 fiscal year, meaning it’s possible we won’t see the real Z until 2024.

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