April 18, 2021
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US hits 11 Chinese companies with sanctions over human rights abuses

by on July 21, 2020 0
The U.S. Department of Commerce announced Monday that 11 Chinese companies would be blacklisted for alleged human rights violations. The companies are implicated in abuses associated with the People Republic of China’s campaign of “repression, mass arbitrary detention, forced labor, involuntary collection of biometric data, and genetic analyses targeted at Muslim minority groups from... Read More

Service Chiefs: Buhari tells Senate to mind its business

by on July 21, 2020 0
The Buhari presidency promptly Tuesday replied the Nigerian Senate over its resolution asking the Service Chiefs to step aside over the deteriorating insecurity in Nigeria. The presidency said it noted the resolution, but excoriated the senators for offering the unsolicited advice. “(the) appointment or sack of Service Chiefs is a Presidential prerogative, and President... Read More

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s emotional ‘Red Table Talk’ demonstrates their business savvy

by on July 14, 2020 0
There’s hardly been a more charged, fascinating moment in TV this summer than Jada Pinkett Smith sitting at her famed Red Table with her husband, Will Smith, to talk about their marriage like never before. In the 25 years they’ve been married, Pinkett Smith in particular has cultivated a brand borne of her willingness to talk about... Read More

Indonesia surpasses 50,000 virus cases as business resumes

by on June 25, 2020 0
The number of coronavirus cases in Indonesia surpassed 50,000 on Thursday, an increase that is worrying experts at a time when the government is allowing businesses to reopen amid increasing economic pressure. The surging cases in the world’s fourth-most populous country align with its increasing testing capacity, which has averaged close to the government’s... Read More

France Plans Billions of Euros to Rescue Aerospace Industry

by on June 7, 2020 0
The French government will present a plan worth billions of euros to rescue its beleaguered aerospace industry, protect key suppliers from Chinese interests and may bring forward some defense orders, the transport minister said. The aid package to be presented Tuesday is aimed at European jet manufacturer Airbus SE, engine maker Safran SA, defense group Thales SA, and... Read More

Building The Food Brand Of Your Consumer’s Dreams

by on June 6, 2020 0
Every now and then, we have food businesses spring up and Poof!! It’s all gone. They have failed to meet the mark. What’s this mark you might wonder? Well, it involves waving their wands and creating magical recipes that people believe and then working on telling the best food stories that align with their... Read More

Make Covid-19 recovery green, say business leaders

by on May 31, 2020 0
More than 200 top UK firms and investors are calling on the government to deliver a Covid-19 recovery plan that prioritises the environment. They say efforts to repair the economy should support the government’s commitment to tackle the climate change crisis. They believe ministers should use the Covid-19 lockdown as a springboard to propel... Read More