April 13, 2021
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The stock market thinks Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump

by on September 6, 2020 0
The presidential election is only two months away and the stock market is soaring. In theory, that should bode well for President Trump since a bull market has historically benefited the incumbent. But Trump is trailing Democratic challenger Joe Biden in many head-to-head national polls.Although the market’s sharp rebound since March could be viewed as a sign that investors expect the coronavirus-induced... Read More

India to promote manufacturing of some products to boost market share

by on August 10, 2020 0
India’s government plans to promote the manufacturing of selected products, especially lines in which China enjoys a big share in the global market, as part of efforts to reduce imports and push exports, a cabinet minister said on Monday. The government aims to attract foreign investments in pre-identified areas, promote joint ventures and support... Read More

Dell Technologies announces solutions for Emerging Africa market in COVID-19 era

by on July 21, 2020 0
Dell Technologies on Monday announced plans to help emerging markets in East, West and Central Africa recover economically from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dell Technologies reinforced its commitment to providing its customers with advanced IT, security and workplace technologies that drive business continuity and growth at a virtual media roundtable attended by... Read More

Monopoly distancing: Ethiopia moves to liberalize telecoms sector

by on May 31, 2020 0
After years of monopoly, Ethiopia took giant steps in moves to liberalize its telecommunications sector. Opening the market of Africa’s second most populous nation will mean ending over two decades of state monopoly via the Ethio Telecom – the government-owned sole operator. The Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) has given companies until June 22 to... Read More