April 13, 2021
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3 Reasons To Consider Kiwi For Your Skin

by on September 13, 2020 0
3 Reasons To Consider Kiwi For Your Skin Everybody knows the advantages of eating well and getting all the necessary vitamins, preferably from natural products and not as supplements. Luckily, we can get almost everything through the food we eat. However, one important fruit that is important for the skin is the Kiwi fruit.... Read More

5 Tips To Avoid Chin Acne While Using Face Mask

by on September 6, 2020 0
Safety is key and wearing a mask is paramount during the pandemic, but it’s also cumbersome and can cause skin concerns, especially on the chins. We all understand how important and blissful it is to have smooth skin. Below are some tips on how to have a total smooth skin despite the use of... Read More

Recreating Beyonce’s Iconic Soft Glam Look

by on August 10, 2020 0
Recreating Beyonce’s Iconic Soft Glam Look With the launch of the “Black is King” film, Beyonce has once again come back into the eye of the public. With the stunning makeup looks, outfits and visuals she presented in the “Black is King” visuals; it is only fair that we recognise our favourite Beyonce look... Read More

Rihanna’s Upcoming Fenty Skin Is Gender-Inclusive

by on July 20, 2020 0
Rihanna, the singer turned entrepreneur has taken Fenty to a whole new level. Both Fenty and Fenty beauty has carved its name right in the world of fashion and beauty. All thanks to Rihanna, most makeup products from her beauty brand has become an absolute staple in most beauty closets. Now, she’s taking things... Read More