April 17, 2021
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Official Trailer of Superstory ‘REVENGE’

by on July 7, 2020 0
Are you ready to be thrilled like never before? Superstory ‘REVENGE’ is about to hit your screens. The new action-packed title from the stables of Wale Adenuga Productions will air on three highly-rated TV Channels: Thursdays 8 – 9pm on NTA Network, Thursdays 9 – 10pm on STV Network, and Thursdays 8 – 9pm... Read More

Sense8 Official Trailer

by on June 5, 2020 0
Imagine waking up one day to discover your consciousness is suddenly linked to other strangers around the world. That’s the fate of eight individuals in the sci-fi series Sense8. The characters — who  span from straight, gay, lesbian, poly and trans — can see and feel each other’s thoughts, emotions and experiences.  Sense8’s showrunners are also Matrix... Read More