April 18, 2021
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Google Maps quietly rolled out one of its most-requested features

by on September 6, 2020 0
Google Maps has added a new feature to its app: traffic lights at intersections in a number of US cities.The tech company made the change “to help people stay better informed on the road,” a Google spokesperson said. The new road icons are visible in the app at intersections throughout US cities on both... Read More

China imposes new visa restrictions targeting US media

by on September 6, 2020 0
In the latest round of tit-for-tat between Beijing and Washington targeting each other’s media outlets, Chinese authorities have imposed new visa restrictions on foreign journalists working for US news organizations in China. In the past week, during the routine renewal of their press credentials — which are normally valid for a year — several journalists were handed a... Read More

Helicopters rescue dozens trapped by California wildfire

by on September 6, 2020 0
Dozens of people were airlifted to safety Saturday night after being trapped by a wildfire near a popular reservoir in northern California, officials said. Military helicopters have so far rescued 63 people from the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in the Sierra National Forest, about 45 miles (70 kilometers) northeast of Fresno, the Fresno Fire Department... Read More

Democrats nominate Joe Biden for president, vowing to end Trump ‘chaos’

by on August 19, 2020 0
Democrats formally nominated Joe Biden for president on Tuesday, vowing his election would repair a pandemic-battered America and put an end to the chaos that has defined Republican President Donald Trump’s administration. The second night of the party’s four-night national convention, under the theme “Leadership Matters,” featured elder statesmen like former presidents Bill Clinton... Read More

US says Iran forces boarded ship in international waters

by on August 13, 2020 0
The Liberian-flagged oil tanker Wila was eventually released by Iranian forces near the Strait of Hormuz. The United States military said Iranian forces boarded a civilian vessel in international waters in the Gulf. The US Central Command released a grainy black-and-white video on Twitter showing a helicopter near a large ship. “Today in international... Read More

China targeting U.S. election infrastructure with cyberattacks, says O’Brien

by on August 10, 2020 0
Chinese government-linked hackers have been targeting U.S. election infrastructure ahead of the 2020 presidential election, White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said on Sunday, indicating a more active level of alleged Chinese interference. O’Brien’s comments appeared to go beyond a statement released on Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence... Read More