April 17, 2021
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7 Skincare Tips To Follow Before And After Each Workout Session

by on May 21, 2020 0
Working out is highly beneficial to the mental and physical health of any individual. However, while exercising gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow, it could also trigger breakouts if you don’t maintain a proper skincare routine. Gyms are generally unhygienic, with sweaty people sharing the same equipment, which may not be adequately disinfected.... Read More

Halle Berry Just Shared The Workout She Does When She Only Has 20 Minutes

by on May 17, 2020 0
Two of Halle Berry’s four weekly workouts are just 20 minutes long. She maximizes her time by circuit training and combining full-body strength exercises with cardio. She uses exercise equipment like ankle weights and wrist weights to increase the intensity of bodyweight moves. Before quarantine turned my day to day upside down, I worked out with my trainer, Peter Lee... Read More