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Kevin Hart Says His Family Is Finding Him “Annoying” During Isolation

By on May 25, 2020 0 436 Views

Kevin Hart’s family is not finding him amusing during this time of self-isolation.

Hart, who is typically either on tour or working and not able to spend this much time at home, appeared on Monday’s The EllennDeGeneres Show that his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, is appreciative of his being home during this pregnancy.

“She’s so happy at the fact that through these stages, I’m here,” he said. “Like normally, I’m in and out. So it’s been a real blessing just to be around and talk, converse, you know, and just kind of be with the fam through these months. So this is the first time that I’ve ever been here this much through a pregnancy in general in my life. So it’s been refreshing.”

Still, that doesn’t mean his wife and kids — he also has daughter Heaven and sons Hendrix and Kenzo — are loving every minute of his being around so much, according to the comedian.

“She’s not getting on my nerves,” Hart said of his wife. “But she’s saying I’m getting on her nerves. And you know, whatever. I don’t fight it. But apparently, I’m annoying.”

Hart’s kids tell him as much, he said.

“That’s what they’re talking about around the house, saying that I’m just ‘always around.’ … And they say, ‘Dad, you always want to do stuff. Just chill. And I’m like, I thought doing stuff was chilling,” he said.

Hart says he suggests making TikTok videos or playing board games, to no avail.

He said they’ve been making him play “who can be quiet the longest.”

Hart also said that during this time of self-isolation, he and the kids had campout in their backyard, joking about his “near death” experience with a rabbit. He added that he made it only four hours until he decided to go inside and give up the camping adventure.

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