February 1, 2023
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Saudi Arabia topples China as world logs over 6million coronavirus cases

By on May 30, 2020 0 350 Views

Saudi Arabia is now the 16th worst hit by the coronavirus in the world, with 83,384 cases.

China where the virus started in December 2019 is 17th on the grim chart.

The Arabian Kingdom became the latest country to overtake China as the global caseload hit 6,061,206 and still counting.

The global death toll has also risen to 367,436

According to worldometers.info, the Saudis recorded new 1,618 cases today to push China aside.

In contrast China recorded just four cases and now has a caseload of 82,999 and a death toll of 4,634.

The Saudis however have 480 fatalities, 22 of which happened in the last 24 hours.

The Saudis are now second to Iran in the Middle East as the hot spot for the virus.

Iran has 148,950 cases and 7,734 deaths as it struggles to tame the virus.

The United States remains the world leader for the virus.

It has over 104,000 deaths and 1,794,153 cases.

The embarrassing figures have made President Trump to terminate U.S. link with WHO.

He also blamed China for lack of transparency.

Brazil is now the world’s second coronavirus hub, pursuing the US for the first place.

The South American country as at Saturday has 468,338 cases, 27,944 deaths, the fifth worst in the world.

Russia is the third worst-hit country with 396,575 cases and 4,555 deaths.

On Saturday, it recorded 8,952 fresh cases and 181 deaths, taking its death toll to 4,555.

The standing of other Nations in the Top 20:

Spain: 285,644 with 27,121 deaths

UK. : 271,222 cases and 38,161 deaths, worst in Europe

Italy: 232,248 and 33,229 deaths

France: 186,835 and 28,714 deaths

Germany: 183,066 and 8,595 deaths

India. : 174,355 and 4,982 deaths

Turkey : 162,120 cases

Iran : 148,950

Peru : 148,285

Chile. : 90,638

Canada: 89,418

Mexico :84,627

Pakistan: 66,457

Belgium: 58,186

Qatar : 55,262

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