September 26, 2021
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Elton John Surprises Fiance He Jilted 50 Years Ago

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50 years ago, Elton John ended the relationship with Linda Hannon weeks before they were due to marry. They went their separate ways since then.

She had known him as plain old Reg Dwight and supported the aspiring rock star before he scored his first hit.

And while Elton, 73, is now a global superstar, Linda lives a low-key life as a doctor’s office manager in Dallas, Texas.

However, she held no resentment against him. Hence, when she needed help, she reached out to him.

Linda, 76, was in agony in recent months as she needs a knee replacement but was unable to have the operation because she could not afford to take five weeks off work to recuperate.

Her hours at the surgery had been cut because of the Covid-19 pandemic and unpaid leave was not an option.

In her words:

My knee is awful to walk on and I’ve been having shots. I thought of Reg and whether he could help. It was a long shot. I sent a couple of emails to his management and put in a couple of details only Reg might remember, such as the time we were driving up the A1 to Bernie’s parents for lunch and we had a car accident. I had my arm in a sling for a while and only he would know that. Then he came to my brother’s 21st birthday party. Reg, myself and my mother took the train to Newcastle. I remember him wearing a bottle green suit. I think it was the only one he had. They were the little things I did to prove who I was. But I never heard anything back.

After a number of mails, she decided to go through The Mirror. They reached out to his agency and he did not hesitate to help.

According to a source close to Elton:

When Elton heard about Linda’s plight, he didn’t hesitate for a second to help out. He remembers how good she was 50 years ago when he and Bernie needed the support and is really pleased to be able to help her in her hour of need.

Despite the way things ended, Linda still remembers the good times as Elton and Bernie chased their dreams.

We used to go to the recording studio at night and listen to him rehearse. It was a very nice, loving ­relationship.

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