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2020 Tesla Model S gets 647 km of range, matching some gas cars

By on June 17, 2020 0 278 Views

The EPA has certified the sedan can now clear 400 miles on a single battery charge

Tesla’s flagship luxury sedan just achieved its best battery range rating ever in an EPA test cycle, marking a literal milestone for the EV brand.

The 2020 Model S Long Range managed a rating of 402 miles (647 km) on a single charge, improving on the previous 391 miles (629 km) for 2019 models.

That 391-mile claim was initially refuted by Elon Musk, who said the tester left the car’s door open overnight, draining the battery by two percent and skewing the results shorter.

To squeeze some extra range out of the Model S, Tesla turned to some old-school hyper-miling tricks. First, the “standardization of Tesla’s in-house seat manufacturing” led to much lighter seats, and the aerodynamics of the wheels were changed along with the tires for less drag and rolling resistance. The mechanical oil pump was swapped out for an electric one for less parasitic loss, while the gearbox was also tweaked to increase range.

The regenerative brakes also work better alongside the standard binders, and can stop the vehicle at lower speeds than before while also recharging the battery pack. A new HOLD function “blends the motor’s regenerative braking with physical brakes to bring our cars to a stop by easing off of the accelerator pedal,” according to Tesla.

Over 400 miles of range is a huge achievement for the electric vehicle segment, as it’s about the same range some similarly sized vehicles powered by gasoline can achieve.

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