February 3, 2023
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News Roundup: Fiat Chrysler blocks Jeep copycat in court, Top Gear crashes a Lambo Diablo and more

By on June 20, 2020 0 269 Views

An imitation investigation, a Top Gear top fail, the most track-ready Mustang in history, and more. 

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the biggest breaking stories on Driving.ca from this past week. Above you’ll find our video roundup highlighting the top news stories selected by our news editors, and below are our most popular stories overall.

Here’s what you missed while you were away.

Fiat Chrysler blocks US-import of alleged Jeep copycat in court

Vintage and new Mahindra Roxor trucks. Handout / Mahindra

If it looks like a Jeep and moves like a Jeep, but it isn’t a Jeep, then Fiat Chrysler is gonna come for it because it’s not legal, mkay? Mahindra & Mahindra’s Roxor off-road vehicle has been blocked from entering the U.S. by the International Trade Commission after Fiat Chrysler took the Indian SUV giant to court. Of course the vehicle’s makers say it’s just a basic “boxy, open-topped, military-style vehicle,” but, well, just look at it! It really does do quite an accurate Jeep impression.

Is the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 the most track-ready ‘Stang ever?

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1
The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The Mustang Mach 1 is back. Originating in 1969 and smashing a slew of records that year, the Mach 1 hibernated until 2003 when it was brought back to sit between the GT and SVT Cobra. For the 2021 rebirth, it will once again fill the gap between the two performance models – GT and Shelby GT 350 – this time with a 5.0L V8 making 480 hp and 420 lb-ft. of torque. It’s got new, large air inlets at the front to increase downforce and keep the important bits cool, and according to Ford, make it the most “track-ready” Mustang in history. We’ll be corroborating that statement just as soon as we’re able.

Top Gear host smashes a Lamborghini Diablo

It’s a risky job, driving vintage Lamborghinis at speed, but somebody’s gotta do it. One of those somebodys is Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness, who was recently handed the keys to a 1990 Lambo Diablo during the filming of an episode. Apparently, while out testing the car, McGuinness “skidded on some oil” like a nameless Bond villain and wound up off the asphalt. Drive much? Technically, yes, he does, and he’s paid to do it, but that doesn’t exactly make him a “pro.” More of a “Hammond,” in fact. Police were on hand to assess the crash, and McGuinness was uninjured.

Check out the brand new 2021 Nissan Rogue

2021 Nissan Rogue
2021 Nissan Rogue Handout / Nissan

The latest sport ute to shake off its “cutesy” reputation and don a more aggressive fit is the Rogue, Nissan’s Canadian top seller since 2012. With leaner fenders, more angled body lines and a leer of a front splitter, the Rogue has what its makers call a “commanding presence.” That’s backed up inside by a power boost to the tune of 11 horsepower (181 total) and additional interior luxury features including the new tri-zone climate control and heated seats/wheel that are now standard. Review the changes for the 2021 model year and scope the photos here.

Ford Edge purportedly on the chopping block, raising concerns over fate of Oakville, Ontario plant

Ford's Oakville manufacturing plant
Ford Edge production line Chris Young / The Canadian Press

The fate of the Oakville, Ontario, Ford plant is up in the air as the Blue Oval is rumoured to be dropping the axe on one of its midsize crossovers. The Edge is on the edge and certain of a fall, says Automotive News Canada, which reports its demise along with that of the current-gen Nautilus. AutoForecast Solutions spoke with experts within Ford to learn that the Edge cancellation could spell the end of the Oakville plant, writing “Unless Ford decides on a different program to replace the Edge, there’s no future for Oakville.” However, not so fast, says our very own Motor Mouth, who suspects it more likely is the opening gambit “in the game of high-stakes contract poker” with Unifor as they begin preparation to sit down at the bargaining table.

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