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All You Need To Know About Activated Charcoal In Skincare

By on July 12, 2020 0 67 Views

Activated charcoal is one ingredient that has gradually taken the beauty world by storm, becoming a featured product in many facial cleansers and scrubs. Formed by treating charcoal with oxygen, activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years in medicine. Using activated charcoal as a natural beauty ingredient can be traced to ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians nicknamed it “Black Magic” and often used it to treat illnesses.

The detoxifying properties of activated charcoal draw out toxins and impurities from the skin, leaving it clearer and less susceptible to breakout. Activated charcoal also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the skin and speeds up the healing process from acne and other skin infections.
Here are 5 exciting benefits of activated charcoal in skincare:

It Clarifies Like No Other
Activated charcoal and its detoxifying properties double as an excellent clarifying agent. What makes activated charcoal even more popular in skincare is the inert nature that makes it work for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Activated charcoal fights acne-causing bacteria, removing impurities and excess oil from clogged skin pores. This clarifying property of activated charcoal is why it is often added to many skincare products.

It Is A Great Exfoliator
The gritty nature of powdered activated charcoal in skin care products makes it a gentle chemical exfoliant. Exfoliating rids the skin of dead skin cells, allowing the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin look younger and rejuvenated. Using activated charcoal as an exfoliant draws out dirt and pollutants from your skin while also removing dead layers of skin cells.

Its deep pore cleansing properties draw out impurities from the skin’s pores dragging them to the surface of the skin, making exfoliating faster and more effective. Activated charcoal can be used on its own as an exfoliant or paired with other active ingredients to give your skin a healthy, smooth texture.

Activated charcoal soap. | Image: Medical News Today

It Fights Acne
Activated charcoal contains antibacterial properties, which makes it effective in fighting acne, blackheads, and whiteheads off your skin. Bacteria, fungus, and clogged pores are often responsible for acne on the skin, and one way to prevent this is to include activated charcoal in your skincare routine. You can do this by using activated charcoal cleansers, facial washes and soaps.

Its absorbent properties leave your skin’s pores clog-free and reduce your pores’ size, in turn reducing oil production. Activated charcoal does not only inhibit the growth of these acne-causing bacteria and fungi, but it also speeds up the skin’s healing from acne and other skin infections.

It Balances Oily Skin
White natural oil production ensures the skin remains moisturised and wrinkle-free. However, when produced in excess, this oil can be a problem causing oily skin, which gets even worse during the summer season. Oily skin traps dirt and other environmental pollutants that eventually clog the skin.

The absorptive property of activated charcoal helps bind these impurities and excess oil in the skin. It does this by using its gritty nature to loosen deeply ingrained particles in the skin’s pores. Continuous usage of activated charcoal products over time reduces oil production in your skin, balancing out your oily skin.

It Reduces Pore Size
As you go about your day, dirt and toxins from the environment settle in your skin pores, which eventually cause them to become enlarged, causing irritation and other skin problems. Clogged pores in time also start to affect your complexion, causing it to become even duller.

Activated charcoal soaps are a remedy for treating this. By binding together and pulling out dirt and grime from your skin’s pores, activated carbon causes your pores to reduce in size, becoming less visible. Thus, using activated charcoal products in your skincare rids your skin of debris and congestion, which would eventually give you smooth, fresh-looking skin.

Even with its fantastic antifungal and antibacterial properties, activated charcoal skincare products are very affordable and can be easily purchased at any store near you. While activated charcoal products are often recommended for all skin types, be sure to confirm with your dermatologist before making that switch.

The Guardian NG. – Orioritshe Tariemi

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