May 6, 2021
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Cadillac introduces new “Luxury” base option for 2021 XT6 crossover

By on August 16, 2020 0 45 Views

It’ll slot under the Premium Luxury and Sport models, but cost is still TBA

The penultimate SUV in Cadillac’s range, the XT6, will graduate to its second year of existence with a new entry-level trim option the brand is hoping will help draw in new drivers.  

The 2021 XT6 Luxury sits at the base of Caddy’s “Y-trim” strategy, with the preexisting Premium Luxury and Sport models branching off and up from it. 

The Luxury model bears the same grille and other exterior pieces finished in a bright metallic and/or galvano style as the Premium Luxury model, compared to the mesh, V-Series-inspired grille and black trim of the Sport model. 

Eighteen-inch wheels come standard on the Luxury (20-inch on the Premium Luxury and optional 21 on the Sport) as does 7-passenger seating, adaptive remote start and tri-zone automatic climate control.

The 2.0L turbo engine under the hood makes 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque and passes it through GM’s nine-speed automatic transmission. In Canada where AWD comes standard, fuel economy is rated at 11.2/9.0/10.2 L/100 km (City/Highway/Combined).

The Platinum Package, which includes leather seats for all rows, “premium carpeted floors” and performance suspension, will not be available on the Luxury model. 

The Premium Luxury XT6 starts at $60,995 in Canada. Pricing for the presumably cheaper Luxury model has not yet been announced. 

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